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You Are Not Safe


Video may have killed the radio star, but a supposed flu outbreak may have killed humanity leaving one man to survive the horrors of the aftermath.

West Texas, 1986. Sonny Barstow relished small-town life. The ever looming mystery of why he awoke seemingly untouched by the ravages of the bizarre outbreak.

Polaroid Action Shot
Polaroid Action Shot

Pick your fights

Just when you think you can relax, don’t do it or you may find yourself haunted by your past - literally. Tonight, he’ll be grateful to get out alive.


Part 1980s horror flick, part puzzle-solving adventure, Blight Night shoots for exceptional exploration and discovery — without sacrificing the splatterfest.

Be afraid
of the dark

Shadow system specifically designed to run fast and smooth on mobile devices

Totally tubular 80s soundtrack

Hidden weapon upgrades, loot items, and treasures encourage exploration

Engaging interactive environment

Open world with 7+ diverse and mysterious areas